Oy, vey, Maria!

So. Terri Schiavo is finally, happily, out of the reach of her crazed parents and their "Right To Life No Matter How Miserable and At What Cost" cronies.

More happily, it seems that the Worst. Pope. Since. The. Last. One. will be following close on her heels. My little Recovering-Catholic, former-altar-boy heart is doing the happy dance.

OK, that's 3 uses of the word "happy" in 2 paragraphs. I must be losing my touch.

Sorry if I seem callous. It's probably because I am. First, Terri Schiavo was brain dead. She was nothing more for the last 15 years than a bedwarmer. All the Christo-Fascists (Randall Terry, anyone? What the FUCK?) can whine and moan about how there could be a miracle cure and that Terri could come back any minute. Yeah. Amazing how y'all weren't there protesting, holding press conferences and calling family members "murderers" when no less than one hundred and fifty-two people were put to death in the Republik of Texas during Slappy McAsshat's term as Governor. Mind you, these were not people who were braindead. These were viable human beings put to death in your name. And there is compelling evidence that not a few of them were actually innocent. So, it's OK to stick a needle in someone's arm to send them to hell... but don't you DARE remove a feeding tube from a vegetable who died 15 years ago. Yeah, the logic is just crystal clear, isn't it?

Now, as for the Poop. I'm really, really glad he's going to die. Having put up with his bullshit for 27 fucking years, I'm only hopeful that the replacement isn't worse. Let's start with his On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons in 1986 in which he proclaims gays to be "objectively disordered". Hello? You're running around in a dress and a beanie, surrounded by men and lots and lots of gold and artwork... and we're disordered? Get a fucking clue.

Then, there was "Regarding Legislation on Homosexuals" in 1999, exhorting US Legislators to deny gays & lesbians legal rights. Yeah, there's a guy I can happily cheer towards the grave. I'm thinking of setting off rainbow-colored smoke pots on my roof as soon as he reaches room temperature.


Anonymous Patrick said...

I love your site title and the 'get a ladder and get over it'! I think we have a right to be angry considering the evil religious freaks out there claiming to speak on behalf of God. It's called bible abuse and religious violence in my book. Keep up the commentary! Patrick of QueerVisions.com

4/28/2005 7:35 PM  

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