The Joys of Being Angry

They are many, and they are satisfying, in a bile-spraying sort of way. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my first rant ended up on someone else's blog...

That someone happens to be Loaded Mouth. I've had him on my (admittedly short and selective) blogroll since I first started this thing. Aside from the fact that he can spew bile and filth with the best of us, he's a Lefty to Like. Plus he's from Rhode Island, near my old stomping grounds in Beantown. Hopefully he pronounces "ever" as "evuh". Anyway, thanks LM - I really did this as therapy more than anything. Now that I know people actually read this drivel, I'll have to start maintaining higher standards. Like, maybe wiping the spittle off the monitor before posting. You know, shit like that.


Blogger tas said...

Actually, I make a conscious effort to pronounce my R's., which tends to have the funny effect of convincing Rhode Island natives that I'm from England instead of New England. My excuse is that I grew up in a house with a mother whose first language was French, and when she learned English, she decided that she hated the accent around here. It rubbed off on me. But sometimes I'll slip and say stuff like, "I'm gonna pahk the cah in the Chappaquiddick," or something.

And you're welcome. :) And I find that wiping spittle off the monitor greatly reduces the number of typos in posts...

11/29/2004 3:54 AM  

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