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If you're in the San Diego area, why not take a spin by the San Diego Democratic Club. They've been around for a while, and they could use new blood. And tell them Angry Homo sent you.
Here's a blurb from the "History" section of their website:
SDDC was founded in late 1975 by a small but brave group of activists who saw a need for political activism within the Democratic Party. They struggled to find twenty people who would allow their names to be used on the application for the original charter, which was received from the San Diego County Democratic Party on December 28, 1975. But under the leadership of attorney Bob Lynn, the first president, the group quickly became involved in local politics.

At the time, homosexual activity was still illegal in California. No candidate had ever sought the support of the lesbian and gay community.

In its first races, the Club's endorsements were often more of a liability than an asset to a candidate, but even so, several friends were identified right away. Work began to educate candidates on LGBT issues and to educate the LGBT community on the need to be politically involved and to vote.

Yup. Outlawed, unloved and political neophytes - and they've persevered for 29 years. (For a bit of historical perspective: I myself was a 10 year old homo-in-the-making back in my home State of New Hampshire when these folks were taking big risks to make sure that I would be free to grow up to become the Fabulous Homo that I am. Now that the christofascists are gearing up for Crusade 2005, it's time to take a stand and take action, not only at the Federal level, but right here at home. Added bonus: Politically active gay guys are hot.


Blogger Kate said...

OUTstanding. I love the political activism nurtured there. I have many fond memories of the 60s and 70s, learning peaceful protest activities, working on the McGovern campaign at 18.
I loved growing up in San Diego, and reaching various levels of maturity in my adulthood spent under the sub-tropical sun. There are so many cultures, beliefs, races, religions, lifestyles, and creative forces ... it's never boring in that city and is always enlightening. I used to go ocassionally to MCC in Hillcrest with some of my friends and enjoyed the open and embracing services very much. I enjoyed my neighbors for the dazzling varieties they represented, inviting me into their homes after I admired their gardening ability or sense of style. I really loved following my nose to every style of food imagineable, from little mom and pop diners, to the block parties, barbecue smoke billowing out in blankets covering the whole neighborhood and everyone was welcome.
If it just hadn't gotten so crowded, bringing with that the rise in crime, the traffic, the higher cost of living. We just had to get out. Alaska or bust! I miss San Diego so much and soon we will have to retire down south again. Missing that city with all my heart I wish we could return, but I'm afraid we'd have to go even farther south now, like say: Rosarita Beach or Ensenada, expatriot-style.
Yet, you have a wonderful opportunity to get involved on a local level and that's where we start, to begin change; we start with our little voices and soon they become a mighty chorus. A loud, raucous, rollicking gospel chorus, full of baritones and tenors, harmony and tamborine, rioting for change, demanding rights that are our due.
Go get 'em, tiger. Start warming up your vocal chords.

11/28/2004 12:09 PM  

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