Irony, How I love ya, How I love ya

So, I put this SiteMeter thingie on the bottom of the page. Which means I can actually count how many of you actually load this page into your browsers. I can also see what URL you came from... which is really interesting...

Especially this guy, whose claims to fame seem to be a) he's able to make some sort of sense out of sports stats, b) that he thinks they actually matter to anyone and c) his political views define him as being nothing more than a life support system for a gullet and a sphincter. And I am just shocked that he doesn't allow comments on his blog. Hmm.

I'm sure you can imagine my bemusement when I saw that URL in my "referrers" log. I guess that pesky "next blog" button has some unintended consequences. And I'm "bemused"? What the fuck is that all about? I should turn on Fox News for a minute to get my edge back.

For some reason, I also seem to be popular with manic depressives and guys flogging their mortgage refinancing business.


In the words of Hexacorde, who inexplicably has me listed in his blogroll, It sounds kinda cool, but actually it sucks.


Blogger Hex said...

I suppose it's all in how you look at it, but I for one have really enjoyed the things you've been posting. Beyond that it's given me pause to think about some things that I might not otherwise have known about.

Information, viewpoints, and synthesis --- that's how the closed eye gets opened. That's why your link is on my site.

Keep up the great work, Homo.

11/27/2004 6:45 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

A site tracker is a must-have nowadays. You never know who's lurking, esp. if you're of the critical voice. I myself have had quite a few spooky visitors lately. I have a feeling the vice clamps are going to come down hard on this free-range internet feeding we do pretty soon, squeezing tight our throats.
Plus it's neat to see all the countries that still are allowed access to our country, as they line up in a long row. I'm amazed how much more curious our global neighbors are about us than we are them.

11/28/2004 12:25 PM  

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