Pat Robertson: Fuckin' Goofy

Pat Robertson: Fuckin’ Goofy

OK, first he says if Chavez thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, maybe we outta just go ahead and do it… after all, says Robertson, it’s cheaper than starting a war.  Really?  Has he done a cost-benefit analysis?  Where are the spreadsheets, Pat?  Hmm?

Better: 24 hours later, he says he “never said assassination”, that he was “misquoted by the AP, which happens all the time.”  Er, Pat, the AP has quoted you exactly once in the past 5 months – so your definition of “all the time” and the definition commonly accepted by most bipedal humanoids’ are apparently at odds.  Of course, the fact that he’s on fucking tape advocating assassination, with that very word tripping over his lips, apparently is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

And part 3: (remember the Rule of 3 when it comes to Comedy:  this is a classic example) Reverend Asshole issues a written statement apologizing for saying that we should assassinate someone.  Uh, Hello?  Which is it, dingleberry?  You want us to assassinate him… or did you not ever say that… or you did say it, but you didn’t mean it?  In which case, why would you say it in the first place?

And this guy is the moral leader of the Christofascists?  Yeah, that tells you a whole bunch right there, don’t it?