What Color is the Sky on your Planet?

This is an admittedly snarky question I sarcastically ask of someone who has made a statement so profoundly idiotic/misinformed/outright wrong as to cause bleeding from the ears and an overwhelming urge to throttle the pathetic life out of them.

This question has been reverberating through my brain ever since McChimpy chose Tina Fey to be his running-mate.

So, McMaverick thinks Obama is elitist? He of the 7 homes, 13 cars and multi-million dollar second (third?) wife? (I wonder if he forgets how many wives he's had, along with the number of homes?)

McMaverick is suddenly a populist champion of the folks on "Main Street", suspending his campaign in a "country first" attempt to solve the Wall Street Meltdown? Then why did it take him 22 hours to get to DC from NYC, a trip I can make in 3.5 hours on (woefully underfunded) Amtrak? Why did he have time to get powdered up and appear with Katie Couric? Why did he spend most of his "meltdown intervention" time in Virginia at his home there (number 4? number 5? can't recall)? Why did his entire contribution to the bailout process consist of sitting at the end of a table for a photo op, smirking and sweating like a pedophile at a kindergarten party?

So, my over-used sarcastic put-down has now become a very serious question: What color is the sky on your planet? Because you self-evidently don't live on the same Earth that I do. I heartily wish that some McCain/Palin supporter could answer this question... but between spewing hatred for "furriners" and waving the flag over the rapidly decomposing corpse of our Constitution, they probably don't have the free time.


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