Freedumentalists practicing Evangeliberty

I couldn't hold that one in any longer. It's been percolating in the back of my prefrontal like a pop-rock in a glass of Tang.

Not satisfied to "preserve, protect and defend" here at home (like that would ever show up on his job evaluation under 'goals achieved'), now Slappy McAsshat has started his own Redneck Jihad.

It's our mission to spread freedom and liberty? Excuse me? Did I miss that exit on the Manifest Destiny Expressway?

Here's a thought, asswipe. How about a little freedom and liberty right the fuck here? Maybe, oh, I dunno, stop using the Secret Service as your own little Gestapo to clear public appearances of "undesirables". Here's a newsflash - you can't use taxpayer money for shit like that. Campaign money? Sure - it's fucked up, but not illegal. But check the calendar; you're NOT ON THE FUCKING CAMPAIGN TRAIL ANYMORE. You're a hideously overpaid and criminally stupid public servant, no matter what your girlfriend Condie might whisper when her mouth isn't busy with other tidbits.

Oh, and smooth move sending the li'l missuz out to help those poor unfortunate boys in the inner city. Don't suppose she'll be suggesting a career in our Glorious Military, do ya?

I'm seriously looking around for Rod Serling to start the intro for this episode...