Title 18 Section 2257

And they're off and running at Aqueduct...

Sure, everybody got a good laugh when "Auntie" John Ashcroft covered up those repulsive naked people in the rotunda of the DoJ. But this one goes beyond laughable - this one's knocking on the door of "Excuse me, has anyone seen Hester Prynne? About yay high, dressed in black - big red "A" on her breast? You can't miss her..."

Evidently blissfully ignorant of the fact that the U.S. Government does not own the Internet, Ashcroft plans to go ahead with prosecutions under this insane law. Now, the Free Speech Coalition won a temporary reprieve for their members back in June - but the agreement specifically included an out for Ashie's butt-boys to pursue non-FSC members.

In case you missed it, 18 USC Section 2257 basically says that anyone who publishes material containing certain body parts or sexual activities has to keep immaculate (pun intended) records about the models appearing in said materials. No big deal, right? Get a model to fill out the form and you're done.


Read this response from the Free Speech Coalition and you begin to see what the ulterior motive is. Selective Enforcement, anyone? Yup. If you happen to oppose the so called "Administration", the "War on Terror", or are just generally "undesireable" in the eyes of the Freedumentalists and their whole Redneck Jihadist crowd... guess what? "Your papers, please..." Missing one name? Have a middle initial wrong? You'll get the more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger treatment: "We hate to do this, but, you'll be spending some quality time in a penal facility."

If a chill didn't just run down your spine, you may want to check to make sure you still have one.